Acting Attorney General Matthew J. Platkin today announced a partnership with the Federal Communications Commission to support investigations into illegal robocalls.

According to Acting Attorney General Platkin, more than twenty states have established formal working relationships with the FCC’s Office of Enforcement to support robocall investigations and protect American consumers and businesses.

“We all know that unsolicited robocalls are annoying, but they’re also a tool that scammers use to commit fraud,” Acting Attorney General Platkin said.

“Our new partnership with the Federal Communications Commission will help us fight abusive robocalls and protect New Jersey residents.”

During joint investigations, the FCC’s Office of Enforcement and state investigators search records, speak to witnesses, interview targets, investigate consumer complaints and take other actions essential to build a case against potential malicious actors.

These partnerships can provide critical resources for building cases and preventing duplication of efforts in consumer and business protection nationwide.

According to Acting Attorney General Platkin, the FCC offers partner states not only the expertise of its law enforcement personnel, but also significant resources to support state investigations.

For example, MOUs can facilitate relationships with other players in this space, including other federal agencies and robocall blocking companies and will provide support and expertise with investigative tools. reviews, including subpoenas and confidential response letters from alleged robocallers.

The Attorney General’s Office has taken several important steps in recent years to protect Garden State consumers and businesses from robocalls.

According to Acting Attorney General Platkin, most recently, in 2021, a lawsuit filed by New Jersey, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), 38 states, and the District of Columbia permanently shut down a scam operation of charity fundraiser that made 1.3 billion misleading fundraising calls. — most of them illegal robocalls — while raising more than $110 million from trusted donors.

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