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One reader asked how to avoid repeated robocalls by identifying themselves as a local ISP on credentials and calling from disconnected numbers.

Some telephone service providers have filtering features to try to avoid or identify certain robocalls. Applications are also available.

Spectrum, one of Rowan County’s internet service providers, recommends not speaking to a suspicious caller because the automated system making the call can use your answer to confirm the number is working. The reader specifically asked about robocalls from Spectrum, which also advises robocalls will use phone numbers similar to yours as a tactic to get you off the hook.

Sending false Caller ID information, appearing as a service provider or similar number, is called spoofing. This may be illegal if the intent is to commit fraud, but identity theft can be used for legitimate business purposes, such as forwarding calls to a work line from a cell phone.

Many robocalls are legal, but not all of them. Another way to avoid some unwanted calls is to register with the National Do Not Call Register.

The register is maintained by the Federal Trade Commission and many telemarketing operations are legally required to comply with the register. Spam calls can also be reported through the registry website.

To save your number or report an unwanted call donotcall.gov.

Will NCDOT improve the intersection of Heilig and Faith Roads?

A reader asked if a brake light is being considered at the intersection of Heilig and Faith Roads, noting that traffic has increased due to new developments in the area and left turns on Faith Road can be difficult.

NCDOT Division 9 District Engineer Kelly Seitz said the agency plans to install turn lanes on Heilig Road in the coming months.

Division 9 traffic engineer JP Couch said the agency investigated the intersection and most of the traffic turned right onto Faith Road as the few left-turning drivers created a line of traffic. waiting at the intersection. The new lanes should alleviate the problem of queues.

Couch said the department does not plan to install a traffic light at the intersection, but will reassess if traffic patterns change.