Marriage and therefore the subsequent population growth is very beneficial for the growth of the country’s economy and there are some policies that are carried out in this context. Within the scope of these policies, various aid payments and interest supports are provided to the couples who want to get married in order to overcome the financial difficulties in front of them.

Therefore, it would be useful to mention various issues such as the list of banks that provide the most suitable loan terms for the couples who want to get married, state-sponsored marriage loans and dowry account.

However, it will be useful to briefly mention how much credit will be withdrawn, in other words, how much the wedding costs will be in order to have an average nominal value idea.

How Much Are Wedding Costs?

How Much Are Wedding Costs?

Depending on how and in what qualities the wedding will be held, the cost of the people can vary between 5 thousand USD and 45 thousand USD. The reason why the difference between these two numbers is so high is that it depends on whether the wedding will be held with dinner, whether it will be a wedding or how much the expenses will be kept.

Some expenses to be encountered are as follows:

  • 100 USD to 150 USD for health report,
  • 75 USD to 450 USD to public institutions for the wedding hall,
  • 86 USD for a wedding card,
  • If the wedding is desired to be chopped outside the hall, between 400 USD and 1000 USD,
  • Between 1200 USD and 2500 USD for grooming,
  • Between 2000 USD and 10 thousand USD for wedding dresses,
  • Between 250 USD and 500 USD for wedding rings,
  • For the hairdresser, between 250 USD and 1000 USD,
  • Between 100 USD and 200 USD for the bride car,
  • Between 1000 USD and 2000 USD for photoshoots,
  • In the event that a wedding hall without meals is rented, between 2000 USD and 10 thousand USD,
  • In the event that the wedding hall with dinner is rented, expenses between 6000 USD and 30 thousand USD can be made,
  • In this context, the total cost of those who want to make a wedding is between 4000 USD and 16 thousand USD,
  • The total cost of those who want to have a wedding without meals is between 6000 USD and 25 thousand USD,
  • The total cost of those who want to have a wedding with dinner will vary between 9000 USD and 50 thousand USD.

Therefore, it may be useful for the couple, who decides how much of these expenses will be covered by credit, to request as little credit as possible under the most favorable conditions.

Marriage Loan

Marriage Loan

Wedding, wedding, etc. Marriage loan product, which is developed for the loaning of expenditures, is a consumer loan product. In this context, all terms and regulations are arranged in accordance with the general purpose loan.

Good Finance Wedding Loan

Consumers who will use financing through Good Finance Participation Bank can credit their wedding expenses up to 250 thousand USD within a very short time. It is possible to cover all kinds of organization expenses with the wedding finance product provided with opportunities such as 48 months maturity and 1.58% profit share rate.

Good Credit Marriage Loan

At Good Credit, it offers a 48-month loan up to 100 thousand USD so that couples who want to get married can overcome the costs they face. It is possible to make a refund of 1.59% for the marriage loan, which can be allocated after simple application procedures.

Good Lender Marriage Finance

It is possible for consumers who decide to use marriage loans through Good Lender Participation Bank to meet their needs up to 100 thousand USD with a 48-month maturity. It is necessary to settle for 1.49% profit rate for this product, which makes it possible to cover all kinds of wedding expenses after simple application procedures. Those who want to apply can start the process by going to the nearest Good Lender branch.

State Supported Marriage Loan

State Supported Marriage Loan

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the state has various policies and in this context, couples who want to get married are helped.

Thanks to this opportunity, which can be used in case of financial problems, the only obstacle in front of their marriage can be a grant.

State Supported Marriage Loan Features

The amount of loans offered by these banks to the couples who want to get married is limited to 10 thousand USD, and the couples who want to benefit from the loan must be between 18 and 24 years old. If the couples to be married are undergraduate graduates, the upper age limit can be 27.

It will be sufficient to go to the branch of the nearest public bank in order to be informed about the advantages of this loan, which can vary from person to person.

The loan is financed by the supports provided by the Ministry of Family and Social Policies.

State Supported Marriage Loan Terms

  • Being between the ages of 18 and 24,
  • To be at most 27 years old if the university graduate couple is going to get married,
  • Any of the couples have not been sentenced to a punishment that is defined as serious crime in TCK,
  • Documentation of material negativities,
  • Must not have been married before.