Smartphones are convenient. They allow you to play games, access the Internet, stream movies and TV shows, and help you with various daily tasks.

However, there are times when you don’t want other people to contact you or when bringing your smartphone is inconvenient for many reasons.

This is where a burner phone comes in.

What is a Burner phone?

A burner phone, according to How To Geek, is an inexpensive prepaid mobile phone that you can destroy or throw away when you no longer need it. It may or may not come with a “burning SIM card”, a cheap prepaid SIM card that you can insert into another phone and that allows you to use the phone all the time without tying it to your real identity or for a period of time. limited.

You may recall that burn-in phones are popular among fugitives and criminals in movies, TV shows, and other popular consumable media.

Interestingly, the term “burner” was popularized by the 2002 HBO series “The Wire”, in which “burners” were used to avoid detection by authorities. If a number is suspected to be detected and compromised, the phone or device has been discarded or “burned” so that the person using it cannot be found.

However, burner phones are similar to phones used during the day when smartphones weren’t yet popular, meaning they can’t run apps like smartphones do, take photos, or access the internet. .

Why use Burner phones?

Burner phones are handy if you’re going somewhere you won’t be staying long and can’t use your primary smartphone at the same time due to roaming charges, according to Make Use Of.

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Tech Target adds that cell phones, just like in pop media, allow you to be anonymous because using them means you bought the phone with cash rather than a credit card. It also does not require any contract with a service provider since the SIM card you will be using is a prepaid card.

Additionally, cell phones can be used to sign up for a secure messaging service like Signal or Telegram without disclosing the phone number on the smartphone you use regularly, per PC Mag.

It can also be used as a disposable phone that you can afford to lose or give to a thief in a heartbeat.

Additionally, a burner phone can be used as a decoy – providing a phone number linked to a burner phone can help you avoid telemarketers or anyone who might send you follow-up messages.

The best Burner phones out there

If you want to avoid telemarketers or just want to take a disposable phone with you on your travels, you might want a burner phone.

Fortunately, getting one isn’t difficult or expensive. You can simply use an old phone that you can part with at any time, then install a burning SIM card on it to turn it into a burning phone.

Alternatively, if you don’t have an old phone, you can buy one from your local store.

According to a separate article on using, you might want to get a Nokia 3310 3G, which is a modernized version of the brick phone that your parents and even your grandparents are familiar with. It can stay on for almost a month on a full charge and even an updated version of Snake. Although it only has 3G internet access, it’s still a great phone to burn.

Meanwhile, Wired recommends a variety of flip phones popular in the 2000s, such as the Samsung S336C and the Alcatel A206. They won’t run apps, but they can stay on for half a month and can receive and send calls and messages.

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