Residents of Colleton County can now receive text messages as part of a mass notification system called “Code Red,” where Colleton County Fire-Rescue can use a public notification system that sends alerts to residents in three ways different.

The system can send messages to a landline or a landline; he can send an e-mail; and the system can send text to your cell.

Colleton County Council recently approved funding for the Code Red system for the entire county.

“We appreciate the County Council funding this initiative, which allows us to better protect the citizens of Colleton,” said Fire Chief Barry McRoy. “Code Red notifications are a great alternative to social media. Many are unsure of whether to follow a government organization on Facebook, Twitter, etc., and given that many agencies have separate social media accounts under county or town government, it can be confusing to know. which one to follow for official information. Code Red eliminates this confusion and provides mass notifications from official sources to all who sign up, ”he said.

The CCFR Code Red platform also interfaces with, or operates with, the Integrated Public Warning and Warning System (IPAWS). The IPAWS system is distinct from “Code Red” and is used statewide as an emergency alert system: its messages can be seen on digital traffic signs, your television, radio announcements, and traffic alerts. cellphone.

According to McRoy, IPAWS alerts are primarily used when there is an imminent danger, such as an Amber alert or a tornado warning. The new “Code Red” system in Colleton County can be used for local notifications, such as localized weather problems or traffic hazards.

“We recently experienced heavy rains in Colleton County which washed away a section of the Hendersonville road,” said McRoy. “This type of danger would not reach the level of an IPAWS alert; However, those who are registered for Code Red alerts will receive a notification that the road is impassable and to look for an alternative route. ”

The Code Red system is available to anyone living in Colleton County. Residents can sign up to receive notifications by following the steps listed. The information system is based on an address where a person is registered and does not provide county officials with any personal information about those registered in the system, McRoy said.

To sign up for Code Red and start receiving alerts, follow these steps:

Go to and click on the Code Red banner at the top right of the page.

Create a host account. This is where you will enter how you wish to be notified.

You can also register from your cell phone by texting “alertcolleton” to 99411. This will register your mobile device to receive a mass notification from the Colleton County Code Red alert system. “Code Red notifications always come from the same phone number, so you can program a contact into your phone, so that when you get a Code Red notification, it shows up as coming from the Code Red system. This is very useful for those who want to avoid telemarketing or sales calls, but still want to receive important notifications, ”said McRoy.

Anyone with questions about the new Code Red alert system can call the Colleton County Fire Department at 843-539-1960.