The real estate developer who bought the annex building for $ 16,000 in June signed a memorandum of understanding with the county on Tuesday, allowing a number of department employees to continue working on the premises until the end of the year. the construction of the new administrative office in spring 2022.

Upon signing of the memorandum, the buyer – Chris Byrd – is granted immediate access and occupation of the basements of the annex building.

The agreement also states that if Byrd fulfills all obligations, the property will be returned to him upon closing, requiring both parties to sign the memorandum, payment returned to the county, a deed of waiver signed and delivered to the buyer and when the county leaves the building.

Any damage or loss to the property will be the responsibility of the county until the closing of the sale. In the event that the building is destroyed or suffers significant damage, the Memorandum of Understanding will be null and void unless Byrd wishes to complete the closure and receive the insurance proceeds regardless of the damage.

When the sale closes, rent payments received by the county for the T-Mobile tower affixed to the roof of the annex building will be transferred to Byrd.

Until Jasper County vacates the building, no demolition, construction or renovation work can be done. Any repairs to the building will be handled by the county prior to closure. If for some reason the sale of the property cannot be finalized, Byrd will have 60 days to vacate the annex building.

“I love old buildings,” Byrd told Newton News. “I know it needs work, but I stand by the fact that it’s good value for money.”

Byrd said he plans to have a telemarketing firm for his roofing business to occupy the basement of the annex building. However, the remaining floors could house other local businesses, whether it’s a chiropractor’s office, a doctor, or a restaurant, Byrd said.

In the other action on Tuesday, the supervisory board:

• Approval of the $ 12,199 offer from Warnick & Reeves to replace two HVAC rooftop units at the Jasper County Community Center. Jasper County Maintenance Manager Adam Sparks suspected two of the four units had been struck by lightning, necessitating either replacement or repair. The cheapest repair bid came from Brooker Corporation at $ 4,000 apiece, or $ 8,000 in total. Sparks said it didn’t make sense to fix 15-year-old units. Supervisors agreed that the best solution was to replace the units completely.

• Waived the second and third readings of a public hearing and approved the rezoning of a property to a residential classification. Jasper County Community Development Manager Kevin Luetters informed supervisors of the only dissenting comment he received, which he said was more of a dispute with the owner of the property and not the rezoning himself.

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