DePauw University faculty approved four new academic programs as part of the university’s academic renewal goal in its DePauw Bold & Gold 2027 strategic plan.

Majors in Business Analysis and Finance were created, as well as a Minor in Entrepreneurship and a Major and Minor in Film and Media Arts.

Students can begin enrolling in new majors and minors in the fall. Ultimately, the new business-related programs, combined with existing programs, will be part of DePauw’s School of Business and Leadership, which will launch in fall 2023. The new film and media arts programs, replacing the current film studies major, will be part of the new Creative School to be launched in fall 2024.

“Faculty members participated in the development of the strategic plan that called for the new School of Business and Leadership, and now the entire faculty has approved programs that will make this school a reality,” said President Lori S. White. “I appreciate the interdisciplinary collaboration among faculty members from different disciplines in developing these exciting new programs that will strengthen DePauw’s academic offerings and firmly establish DePauw as a leading university in the 21st century.”

In addition to these new programs, the School of Business and Leadership will offer majors in Actuarial Science and Economics and minors in Business Administration, Accounting and Finance for Decision-Making, Economics, and International Business.

Here are some details about the new programs:

Business Analytics: This interdisciplinary field draws on a range of perspectives and skills, including statistical analysis, computational models, information technology, ethical reasoning, and business operations. Students majoring in business analytics will learn how to support decision-makers with data, insights, and predictions about the possible outcomes of the choices they face.

Finance: Students majoring in finance will gain an understanding of finance through an interdisciplinary approach, drawing on statistics, economics, mathematics, accounting and more. They will learn to show discernment and reflect on the impact of their decisions or the impact of the institutions they represent.

Entrepreneurship: Students who complete a minor in entrepreneurship – regardless of major – will be equipped with the basic knowledge and skills to start and operate a startup/small business. People from diverse backgrounds start businesses, so entrepreneurship is an interdisciplinary field and this new minor will complement any major.

Cinema and media arts: This program will educate students by exposing them to artistic creation and collaboration and the critical study of film, television, and new media. Like its precursor, film studies, this program is interdisciplinary, with faculty and courses from a variety of disciplines.