At 7:00 pm on Monday September 20, Linda Hixon will be giving an author talk on Milford TV about her book, “The Grip: The 1918 Pandemic & a City Under Siege”.

Hailing from Hopedale, Hixon and his collaborators began working on their story of the 1918 pandemic in Worcester before COVID-19 became a public health emergency in early 2020.

This meticulously researched and data-driven volume includes a chapter on Milford. While the 1918 pandemic claimed more lives in Worcester, Milford recorded a higher death rate, especially among the Italian immigrant population, including children.

Audiences are invited to tune in as Hixon talks about the book and what we’ve learned from the 1918 pandemic – and what we haven’t learned.

Watch this important program on Comcast Channel 8, Verizon Channel 38, the MilfordTV app or live at

Copies of the book can be purchased at the following bookstores: Root and Press, LLC, in Tatnuck Square and TidePool Booksellers on Chandler Street, both in Worcester; and Tatnuck Booksellers on Rte. 9 in Westborough.

Library card registrations

Stop by the roundtable near the lending desk for information and materials encouraging everyone to sign up for a library card.

A library card gives customers more than just books. We have DVDs, music CDs and audiobooks to borrow, as well as magazines, games and a wide variety of other items in our stuff library. Need to borrow a sewing machine, a metal detector, a projection screen? We have these and more.

In addition, a library card allows users to access many databases like, A to Z World Food, Heritage quest, and Mango Languages, among others.

All you need to sign up for a library card is photo ID and something with your current address on it. You don’t have to live in the city of Milford, just anywhere in Massachusetts. If you haven’t already, why not register today? It is easy and free !

National Sewing Month

Always wanted to sew? Well, there are a number of ways we can help you. Not only do we have a lot of books on sewing clothes, accessories and household items, but the library now has a sewing machine among its library of things that can be borrowed.

The sewing machine is on display above the adult display case near the reference desk. Inside the case is a selection of sewing accessories to stimulate your interest. A few books on sewing are also on display to give a taste of what is available. Get inspired and make clothes or pillows for the sofa or a number of other things.

be connected

Customers can now borrow a mobile hotspot to connect to the Internet anywhere there is T-Mobile coverage.

One hotspot can be borrowed per household for a 14-day loan. Hotspots should be picked up and dropped off at the Milford City Library.

Center book group

The Center Book Group is meeting at 10 am on Tuesday September 21 at the Milford Senior Center to discuss “The Magpie Murders” by Anthony Horowitz.

Published in 2017, “The Magpie Murders” was named Best Book of 2017 by Esquire Magazine, Amazon, NPR and The Washington Post. Horowitz plays classic British thriller and creates mystery within mystery.

Writer Alan Conway has published numerous bestselling books featuring his detective Atticus Pund and his editor, Susan Ryeland, is used to his eccentric style and manners. But something’s wrong with the one she’s reading, which takes place in 1955 and about a murder in Pye Hall, a mansion in an English village. Is there a second mystery to be solved in the chapters she reads?

Then, when the last chapters are missing, it’s clear that there is another puzzle to be solved. Brilliantly executed by Horowitz, who also writes the Alex Rider series for young adults, “The Magpie Murders” turns readers’ pages.

To reserve a copy or to learn more about the Center Book Group, call the information desk at 508-473-2145 ext 2.

Group of contemporary books

The Contemporary Book Group meets at 7:00 pm next Wednesday in the Granite Room of the Library for a discussion on Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney’s “Good Company” book.

Sweeney’s previous novel, “The Nest,” was a big hit, and “Good Company” is another New York Times bestseller and a “Read with Jenna Today Show Book Club” pick. Once again, Sweeney has written a book that you will spend all night reading.

Set in both a scholarly Manhattan theatrical world and golden-hued Hollywood, Sweeney hits the mark in every scene. This rich love story about friends who become family is generous, heartbreaking and true.

To reserve a copy or for more information about the group, email Shelley at [email protected]

Share your collection

Many people did a lot of sorting and organizing in the early days of the pandemic. Maybe you were one of those people who found a collection that you haven’t seen in a while or that you’ve forgotten.

Consider sharing your collection with the library. Both the adult and children’s departments have a showcase that can safely showcase your treasures.

Before the pandemic, we usually had monthly rotating exhibits that included dolls, badges, photographs, travel memorabilia, tea cups, snowmen, penguins, key chains.

Contact the information desk at 508-473-2145, ext. 2 to program your month.

ESL at the library and to take away

We continue to offer ESL classes in the library since they started last month. Thursday’s “ESL in the Park” course takes place in the ESL classroom library from 7:00 p.m. to 8:15 p.m.

In addition, we offer free “ESL-to-Go” classes to anyone on our “take-out” table in the library. Correction key included to verify your work. There are two levels, green for beginners and blue for intermediate students.

In Agosto, vamos to offer the first classes of ESL in the biblioteca in mas of 16 meses. The class in jueves “ESL en el parque” sadelante will be celebrated in the biblioteca, 19h-20h15

Tambien, seguiremos ofreciendo una lección de “ESL-to-Go” gratis para cualquiera en nuestra mesa de “agarrar y llevar” in the biblioteca. Clave de respuesta incluida para comprobar su trabajo. Hay dos levels, verde para principiantes y azul para intermedios.

Library News is compiled weekly by Reference Librarian Mary Frances Best.