Gary Drysdale is Director of Sales at Intuit Canada.

At Intuit Canada, we recently entered into an agreement with KPMG Canada to provide QuickBooks Online as part of its new Finance Plus cloud-based accounting service offering for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in Canada. We will bring the power of QuickBooks cloud technology to KPMG’s Finance Plus department to deliver simple and efficient digital accounting and financial reporting.

We are excited to join a Canadian leader like KPMG as this alliance has the ability to go beyond simply saving Canadian companies time on accounting and bookkeeping tasks. Combining strengths with other leaders in technology and finance and connecting companies with an accounting professional with extensive experience are some of the most important elements in fueling success and the growth of Canadian businesses.

Beyond balancing the books

Our goal is to provide smarter business tools for Canada’s hardest working people – entrepreneurs. Whether you’re a small business owner or self-employed, QuickBooks makes it easy to organize your finances wherever you are. This means business owners can make better decisions, focus on growth, and reduce the stress of the tax period.

While every aspect of a business owner’s finances is important, always knowing where their money is going is a top priority for entrepreneurs. The good news is with QuickBooks, expense and income tracking is effortless. Business owners can connect their bank accounts, credit cards, PayPal, and more to automatically upload all of their income and expenses. From there, it’s easy for them to get a clear view of their finances. QuickBooks automatically suggests tax categories, so it’s easy to stay organized. They can generate reports to instantly see how their business is performing.

If an entrepreneur’s biggest concern is keeping an eye on their finances, then they need to get paid quickly. QuickBooks makes it easy send professional invoices with custom models. The best part is that entrepreneurs can send them to clients from any device, anywhere, anytime. And they can accept credit card or Apple Pay payments directly from the invoice. In addition, for all overdue invoices, payments are automatically reconciled against them. This allows contractors to see what’s up and then send reminders to clients.

All of this to say that QuickBooks is more than just accounting software. It lets you create invoices, track your cash flow, accept payments, see what’s selling, plan for the future, and more. Accurate tracking of financial data is essential for any business, and QuickBooks goes further by saving you time and money by connecting your business tools and making it easy to keep track of everything you need to make business decisions. important.

Simplified financial management

Now we are combining our QuickBooks capabilities with KPMG’s Finance Plus service. What’s really innovative about Finance Plus is that it will also provide clients with access to a dedicated KPMG accountant for ongoing business support and financial reporting. With this expanded offering, the Finance Plus service is quickly shaping up to be a secure online cloud accounting solution that uses cutting-edge technologies, including our QuickBooks Online software, to provide comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping functions with ease. and efficiency.

This service can organize and manage essential financial documents, such as invoices and receipts, and highlight a business owner’s financial situation at a glance. A dedicated virtual accountant at KPMG, supported by KPMG’s professional network of business advisors, provides a deeper understanding of key business information and growth opportunities, rather than time-consuming accounting tasks.

Teaming up with established fintech leaders like KPMG creates significant benefits for Canadian entrepreneurs. Every innovation in cloud accounting services fosters the success and growth of Canadian businesses in our digital world of work.

Gary Drysdale is Director of Sales at Intuit Canada, where he leads the Canadian sales organization for the Small Business and Self-Employed group, as well as the sales supporting the ProConnect group. Drysdale is also responsible for supporting the Canada Field, Services, Service Delivery and Inside Sales teams.

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