“Trafficked” provides a glimpse into what the criminal world of the black market looks like. Host van Zeller is fearless when it comes to the criminal underworld and believes being female has helped her navigate these places.

She said IndieWire, I’ve always been drawn to the underworld, “adding,” I was shooting a meth lab, for season 2 … and they [the dealers] told me “This is the first time we have a woman here,” she said. “I think it helps to break [down] the walls. They feel more obligated and more comfortable opening up to me, as a woman, and more likely to share their stories. “

Prior to starring in “Trafficked,” van Zeller was an award-winning journalist who worked on the front lines in places like Syria (via IMDb). She has been in situations that have not been seen for years now. Her reputation makes her trustworthy.

If the show is wrong, van Zeller is a very good actress. Even the fans on Reddit were curious if the show was real, but came to the conclusion that it was. One commentator shared: “Mariana van Zeller is legit. She has been around for at least 15 years, originally in the old [Current TV] production of the Vanguard investigative documentary series. She was on a recent Joe Rogan [podcast] where she talked about her process; you can check if you want to hear him talk about it. But she’s the real deal. “

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