Things got out of hand at a construction site in Kalispell when harassed owners allegedly started yelling at him about other people not showing up. When he tried to leave, they blocked his van. He walked away from the executioners but then thought he was being followed and called the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office.

A Kalispell driver should have applied the brakes when people came out of the darkness running into the road and throwing objects at their truck.

Telemarketers or scammers allegedly called someone and said obscene things, saying they knew people in Kalispell who could come to their house.

Housekeepers entered two hotel rooms in Kalispell which were allegedly filled with pepper spray and an employee was trying to determine whether or not a guest in one of the rooms – who went to the emergency room the night before after being pepper sprayed – was responsible.

Someone wanted to speak to an MP about posting ‘no guns’ signs in their area of ​​Essex.

Someone calling from Kalispell wanted to know if there was a limit to the number of dogs a person could own.

A hungry dog ​​was sniffing around a fence at a Columbia Falls residence, trying to get in. The resident wanted to know what his options were for dealing with the dog that tries to kill his chickens on an ongoing basis.

A passerby reportedly saw the back of a white van stuck in the river and another black van without license plates parked on the bank.