The chances of someone making the NFL are astronomical. The chances that the Brothers have the drive, athleticism, skill and luck to make it into the league are unfathomable. While the odds are against two brothers who reach the pinnacle of professional football, it does happen sometimes, and New York Jets Quincy and Quinnen Williams are prime examples of that.

The Williams brothers, both third-year NFL players, have reunited for the first time since high school on the Jets this season. In Week 4, the two siblings made history by teaming up to terrorize Ryan Tannehill of the Tennessee Titans.

Quincy and Quinnen Williams move from Alabama to the Big Apple

(left to right) Quinnen Williams, Quincy Williams | Photo by Aaron J. Thornton / Getty Images for BET

Quincy Williams and his “little” brother Quinnen Williams took very different paths to the NFL.

The brothers grew up in Birmingham, Alabama, and both attended Wenonah High School. This is where their paths to professional ball diverged.

At 5-foot-11 and 225 pounds, Quincy left his home country to play linebacker at FCS Murray State School in Kentucky. He redshirted his freshman year on campus and, in his next three seasons, started more games and made more tackles each year, per In 2019, the Jacksonville Jaguars picked the athletic but raw linebacker in the third round.

Quinnen Williams may be Qunicy’s younger brother, but he’s by no means a little brother at 6-3, 303 pounds. Coming out of high school, he was a unanimous four-star rookie and the nation’s No.1-ranked defensive lineman, according to

Quinnen remained in the state and attended the University of Alabama, where he performed for Nick Saban. He wore a red shirt his freshman year and was a rotational player in his first season. In his second season, younger brother Williams broke. He won the Outland Trophy as the country’s best indoor lineman and was a member of the All-America and All-SEC first team.

The New York Jets took Quinnen No.3 in the 2019 NFL overall standings.

After two seasons at Jacksonville, the Jaguars cut Quincy and the Jets broke in and signed their star lineman’s older brother for the 2021 season.

Quincy and Quinnen Williams made New York Jets history against Tennessee Titans

While brothers making the NFL are rare, siblings playing on the same team are even rarer. It does happen from time to time, however. Lyle and Glenn Blackwood both played for the Miami Dolphins in the 1980s, and more recently the McCourty twins Jason and Devin both played for the New England Patriots.

This season, the Williams brothers aren’t just playing on the same team. They both leave for the New York Jets.

Last Sunday against the Tennessee Titans, the brothers won their first victory together since high school, they both played well and made history.

Quincy and Quinnen Williams both sacked Tennessee quarterback Ryan Tannehill in a 24-27 Jets overtime victory in front of their home crowd. It was the first time that the brothers recorded sacks in the same game for the same team.

Quinnen said of his brother’s first NFL career bag, “It’s drugs, just knowing he got his first bag. I try to get fired every week. It’s my job ”, by ESPN.

It must have been a proud moment for their father Quincy Williams, Sr., and their younger brother Giovanni and his sister Ciele. The mother of the Williams brothers, Marquischa Henderson Williams, died of breast cancer in 2010, making her sons famous history at the start of the NFL’s Crucial Catch – Intercept Cancer campaign.

The best brothers in NFL history

As New York Jets’ Quincy and Quinnen Williams make NFL sibling history, they still have a ways to go to become the best brothers to ever play in the NFL.

There have been a handful of excellent brothers in the NFL over the years. In addition to the Blackwoods and McCourty’s, Dustin and Britton Colquitt are both excellent NFL punters, defensive end Chris and offensive lineman Kyle Long followed their father Howie into the NFL, and Thomas and Julius Jones were both strong running backs in the early 2000s.

There are two great groups of brothers playing in the NFL today. Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce are both All-Pros at their posts. Arizona Cardinals DE JJ Watt and Pittsburgh Steelers LB TJ Watt have also made All-Pro teams while racking up 155.5 career sacks combined.

Twin brothers Tiki (New York Giants back) and Ronde (Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive back) Barber and WR Sterling and TE duo Shannon Sharpe are in the mix for the best retired NFL brothers of all time. .

Yet these four excellent groups of brothers finally come in second, third, fourth, and fifth in some order.

The best brothers in the NFL have to be Eli and Peyton Manning. The two were among the best QBs of their generation and between them have four Super Bowl titles. They also get bonus points for hilarious ads and Saturday night live appearances, as well as their excellent news Alternative Monday Night Football broadcast.

All statistics are courtesy of Professional football benchmark

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