Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich at Trump Tower on November 21, 2016. Kevin Hagen / Getty Images

  • Nine years later, Newt Gingrich’s 2012 campaign is in debt of $ 4.6 million.

  • The campaign owes hundreds of thousands of dollars to various groups and individuals, including himself.

  • The FEC rejected a “debt settlement plan” by the campaign in 2016, and it has been largely inactive since.

The 2012 presidential campaign for Newt Gingrich – former Republican Speaker of the House and husband of former US Ambassador to the Vatican Callista Gingrich – still owes a constellation of vendors $ 4.6 million for costs accumulated during his offer.

Gingrich’s “Newt 2012” committee filed its latest quarterly report with the Federal Election Commission Mondays, like every 3 months since 2012. It’s a 46-page document detailing all the different sellers Gingrich owes, how much he owes them, and for what.

$ 4,631,534.55 figure makes Gingrich’s 2012 campaign one of the most indebtedin American history. The campaign treasurer, who goes by the name of Taylor Swindle, files the reports every 3 months.

After the FEC rejected a debt settlement plan submitted by the committee in August 2016 – the month after he was named vice president to former President Donald Trump – the campaign appears to have largely abandoned any effort to repay the hundreds of thousands of dollars it owes vendors for campaign services.

This is despite Gingrich’s story of make money from paid speeches. In the past three months, the campaign has spent just $ 500 on “accounting services”.

Here are 10 of the biggest debts owed by the late Gingrich campaign:

  • $ 977,322 to Moby Dick Airways for air travel

  • $ 649,117.54 to Gingrich himself for a “trip”

  • $ 407,620.03 to Patriot Group for security services

  • $ 287,258 to Mckenna Long and Aldridge for legal fees

  • $ 210,541.33 to CMDI for data management

  • $ 138,600 to Event Strategies, Inc. for event production

  • $ 127,727.21 to Gordon C. James Public Relations for event planning

  • $ 122,679.06 to AirPlus for air travel

  • $ 118,160.45 to Infocision for telemarketing

  • $ 100,000 to Crimson Hexagon for a software license (disputed)

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