Oxford High School is shown in Oxford, Michigan on November 30, where authorities say a student opened fire on the school.

OXFORD, MICHEL. (WKOW) – The director of schools in Oxford issued a letter to parents and students over the weekend, shedding light on the decision to allow accused gunman Ethan Crumbley to stay in the classroom on the morning of November 30 before the shooting in the ‘school.

According to Superintendent Tim Throne’s letter, the school board office first asked Crumbley’s parents to take him home for the day after his teacher discovered disturbing drawings on his desk. The designs included a bullet and the words “Blood everywhere” and “My life is useless”.

“When the parents were asked to bring their son home for the day, they categorically refused and left without their son, apparently to return to work,” Throne said in the letter.

Without parental supervision on hold at home, the school guidance staff made the decision to allow Crumbley to return to class. He had no disciplinary history at school, which Throne pointed out as a contributing factor.

“While we understand that this decision caused anger, confusion and prompted understandable questions, the counselors made judgment based on their professional training and clinical experience and did not have all of the facts that we know it now, ”Throne said.

Crumbley’s parents Jennifer and James Crumbley have since been arrested and have pleaded not guilty to manslaughter for their role in the tragedy.

Throne said he personally requested a third-party investigation into all events surrounding the shooting, with the aim of producing a “full and transparent account” of what happened that day. He also pointed out the counseling resources on the district’s website for anyone traumatized by the shooting.

“The unprecedented support from our community and neighboring communities gives me hope that we can and will persevere and come out stronger. Please continue to pray for the victims and their families, the injured and pray for the strength to continue in the days to come. said Throne.