PwC UK employees can now finish work early and leave on Friday

PricewaterhouseCoopers has told its accountants and other staff that they can complete work early on Fridays mid-year, becoming the most advanced organization to offer flexible work spurts to try to keep cheerful reps and compete in ability.

The company wrote to its 22,000 UK employees and let them know they could retire at noon on Fridays between June 1 and August 31, agreeing to finish their work. He predicts that most workers should take advantage of it.

The move comes after PwC launched a ‘summer working hours’ pilot in July and August last year, which proved so famous that the strategy was extended for another month. at the end of spring. A survey of 6,000 employees showed that 3/4 of them felt that the short hours “overall affected their overall prosperity”.

Over 90% think the arrangement was smart, and 3/4 said investing more energy with loved ones was the best benefit.

Kevin Ellis, Director of PwC UK, said: “We realized that summer working hours would be famous with those closest to us, but the positive effect on prosperity was beyond assumption. Not everyone could take every Friday, but they enjoyed less email traffic each time they did and the ability to shut down appropriately.

“We have had another exceptionally active year and as we approach the end of spring, we are confident that our strategy provides individuals with additional opportunities for themselves, their companions and their families.”

Summer working hours are important to “The Deal”, PwC’s way of handling cross-working introduced the previous spring. This implies that staff can telecommute part of the time and choose their own hours, but are expected to spend a few days seven days at the workplace or at customers. In October, the company introduced flexible banking appointments, allowing individuals to make up to two banking appointments when it suits them.

The organization, one of the big four accounting firms, competes in capacity with its three opponents. Deloitte said in June it would let its 20,000 UK representatives choose “when, where and how they work” after the outcome of remote working during the Covid emergency.

In the City, British stockbroker FinnCap pledged to give its representatives unlimited opportunity to avoid burnout, while last spring the new CEO of global venture capital bank Citigroup , Jane Fraser, presented “Fridays without Zoom” and an additional occasion.

PwC recorded a 2% rise in UK revenue to £4.4bn in the year to the furthest end in June, while group benefits soared 25% at £1.2 billion. The advantage per accomplice increased by 27% to £868,000.

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