But team sources tell CowboysSI.com that part of the construction of the deal, when executed, will give Dallas about $16 million in 2022 cap relief.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Rams, as they spend their time on this Super Bowl against the Cincinnati Bengals, also have QB money on their minds. And so the report that Matthew Stafford will soon get a contract extension.

How will this work for Stafford? The Rams acquired Matthew Stafford from the Detroit Lions last year on the understanding that the veteran quarterback had just two years left on his contract. He’s signed through the 2022 season, but the Rams appear committed to Stafford for years to come.

According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, the Rams will try to give him more years and more money, with the impact spread out – so his cap of $23 million in 2022 can be lowered, which can help Rams to keep this list together. .

Plus, he’s under contract to be in LA just one more season after that, and the Rams want to continue the partnership.

And what about Dak? Reducing the cap is a similar idea. But no real years will be added – and unlike Stafford, no real money either.

This is common know-how, as performed by COO Stephen Jones’ “big calculators” here inside The Star.

This is a pre-designed “switch” that can (will) be “toggled”.

It requires no renegotiation with Prescott. This requires no sacrifice from Prescott. It does not require any approval from Prescott.

It’s already approved.

Simply put, the money that was supposed to go into Dak’s left pocket will now go into his right pocket, an accounting trick that explains the voidable years at the end of his contract. (He’s currently slated for “zero” pay in the final year of his contract, when he’s 33. This move will change that.)

The best-case scenario (and the best bet) is that Dak is still playing at this time, and therefore wins the money carried over to 2026 in 2022.

Dak still gets his money and Dallas still believes he’s the right guy. As Jones said recently, “Dak has played at a level that can get teams to the Super Bowl and win the Super Bowl. … He’s probably top of the list (of reasons for the Cowboys’ optimism.)”

The Cowboys will stick with Dak because they believe he can do it. The Rams will stick with Stafford because they actually see him doing it.

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