Troy & Bank Trust hosted a retirement lunch for Dixie Shehane, Brundidge Branch Manager, Senior Vice President and Head of Commercial Loans, Thursday at the Brundidge branch at 425 SA Graham Blvd.

Shehane joined Troy Bank & Trust in 2004 and has been a senior member of the Troy-based bank for 17 years.

Jeff Kervin, President and CEO of TB&T, said Shehane has been a vital part of TB&T for 17 years.

“Dixie has been an anchor at our Brundidge site,” Kervin said. “She played a decisive role in the start-up of the bank and in its growth. Dixie has been a loyal and active employee of Troy Bank & Trust over the years as well as in the community. We will miss her very much and wish her all the best.

Shehane is 41 years in the banking industry. She began her career with Brundidge Banking Company in 1980.

Shehane said his banking career may have started by accident.

“I was passing by the drive-thru at the Brundidge Banking Company and a bank official asked me if I had ever thought about banking,” Shehane said. “She encouraged me to apply for a job. I applied and got the job. I was hired to work by car earning $ 2.83 an hour. “

Over time, Shehane was transferred to accounting, processing, reverse check processing, operations manager, and then was appointed to the board of directors of Brundidge Banking Company.

Colonial Bank acquired Brundidg Banking Company through a merger in the early 90s where it later became president of the town of Colonial in Troy. Then in 2004, Shehane went to work with Troy Bank & Trust to work at the Brundidge branch.

Banking has been a good career for Shehane.

“Banking is the only career I’ve known,” Shehane said. “I have worked all my life and I love to work. Banking has been a rewarding career. I enjoyed working with people and being able to help them achieve their hopes and dreams. The bank has given me many opportunities to work with the public and to be of service to many people and in different ways. I hope those I have had the opportunity to work with know and understand that I have always had their best interests in mind and that I was determined to provide the services they needed.

Shehane said that having the opportunity to successfully help others with their banking needs brought her great satisfaction and the many friends she made along the way brought her great joy.

“I greatly appreciate the banking opportunities I have had and cherish the 17 years spent with Troy Bank & Trust,” she said. “It’s not easy to close the doors to these years of opportunity and service and to the many people who have been a part of my life. But I’m also grateful for the time I have now to explore other opportunities and find joy in things that might come their way ”,

Shehane said she can’t wait to spend more time with family and friends. She will continue to be involved with the Rotary Club of Brundidge doing so much good in the community with the global organization making a positive impact on the world.

“I will also continue to work with the Brundidge Business Association,” she said. “I have enjoyed attending the We Piddle Around Theater events and look forward to any opportunity there. And, of course, I will consider any opportunities that may be open to me. I am retiring but will stay busy but not too busy to remember my years and friends at Troy Bank & Trust. You are in my heart forever. “