Creating a business, reveals a real personal reflection. Several motivations can also push a person to cross the course. But before starting completely, you must know all the necessary steps depending on the type of business you want to go up. We still find similar steps. To help you, here is a complete guide.

The 4 stages of business creation

The 4 stages of business creation

One of my close friends started a small graphics business 5 years ago. I have been to these sides along all the procedures. So I totally understand that if you do not know the right steps , it can quickly become a real headache.

The first step in business creation is the company name filing . For this, you must go to the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI). This makes it possible to verify the availability of this name, but also helps to protect the latter. Currently, some companies also want to open a site associated with their business. I advise you to check the domain name with the French Association for Internet Naming in Cooperation.

The second step is to choose the logo and acronym of your company. To do this, you must first apply for registration in the National Business Directory, the Trade and Companies Registry and the Business Formality Center. Once done, you will receive a number of SIREN (if it is a company) or SIRET (if it is an establishment) as well as the APE code and the identification number. You can then deposit a fund for cash contributions with a bank, Caisse des Depots and Consignations and the notary.

The company’s status writing arrives at the third stage. To help you, you can see the templates of the agency’s website for business creation. Then publish the incorporation notice, in an advertisement newspaper authorized for this purpose. For this you need to prepare at least 160 €. The cost of registration is € 83.96, including the filing of deeds.

Finally, you can take out insurance (damages, civil liability, legal protection, etc.) and declare the company to the post office, the EDF and the telephone and internet providers. You can also subscribe to a pension fund, within three months after registering the company. Finally, register the company’s statutes with taxes. If like me, you have employees, you must subscribe your company to an occupational health center.

I will also note that this list of procedures is exhaustive because it depends solely on the activity of your company. In addition to this, you may for example apply for a license, a business card or an authorization from the services concerned.

Taxation of your company


Have you heard of the income tax exemption ? This measure applies to all new enterprises before 31 December 2013. It covers industrial, commercial and craft enterprises located in regional aid areas or in rural revitalization zones.

This means that the capital of a company type company, does not have the right to be owned by another company at more than 50%.

The percentage of exemption decreases over the years, if it is 100% the first two years, it will be 25% the fifth year. However, companies located in a ZRR at a 100% exemption rate for the first 5 years.

You must still know that this benefit is capped . The exempt amount does not exceed € 200,000 over 3 financial years.

For companies in ZFU , a period of 6 months is given for the choice between this measure or that which is specific to its activities.

I told you that the exemption for this type of business is 100% for the first five years. However, the annual limit is € 100,000. The next 9 years, the rate goes to 60%. 10 years later at 20% and 12 years after always at 20%. This aid therefore concerns only companies in urban free zones, with a maximum of 50 employees for a turnover not exceeding 10 million euros.

For local taxes , the exemption lasts only 2 years. Its agreement is done only by deliberation at the level of the territorial collectivity and the consular organizations. But to benefit, the company must meet the conditions for exemption from income tax.

As for the annual flat-rate tax exemption , it lasts 3 years. And this only concerns new companies subject to corporation tax.

I also advise new entrepreneurs of other tax aids , like the exemption of payment on the first 4 installments of tax, the exemption of tax on new companies in the DOM, the VAT exemption as well as the deletion of tax declaration on the profit (if and only if the turnover does not exceed 81.500 € for the companies of deliveries of goods, sales to be consumed on the spot or the accommodation providers and 32.600 € for companies engaged in other services), the 22.55% reduction in income tax for sums contributed before 31 December 2012.

You are probably wondering how to benefit from these aids. The answer is very simple, all you have to do is ask for the useful information from the services dedicated to this purpose (mention only the tax centers, the chamber of commerce, the economic service of the town halls and the regional councils) in order to know in detail all the steps that must be accomplished. As well as all the necessary conditions and the deadlines to be respected in order to be able to fully enjoy these advantages.

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