Is there a way to use technology as a competitive weapon to get (and stay) ahead of your competitors? We say yes there is. In a world characterized by endless information, advanced technology and instant communication, there are always ways to get ahead of your competition. Let’s explore this concept a bit more by looking at some of the ways technology is enabling businesses to move forward.


In terms of finance, there are many ways technology can automate and streamline mundane tasks. When it comes to getting your personal finances under control, you can lower your monthly expenses by consolidating your student debt with a Serious student loan refinancing. Look for the information online and use the internet to get the best repayment terms. Use accounting software to simplify payroll, get instant reports and professional-looking statements. Keep a running budget of profits and expenses with budgeting apps and spreadsheets. These are just a few of the ways technology can help you stay on top of the books.


Technology is changing the way business owners communicate with each other and with customers. You have the ability to reach your audience with website tracking, text messages, emails, social media posts, and calls. Likewise, your customers have the possibility of contacting you via the same means of communication. Internally, communication software and tools have revolutionized employee interaction and collaboration. Social intranet software provides teams with a centralized portal to access and update internal contracts and documents and communicate relevant data to other departments in real time.

Employee productivity

When it comes to employee collaboration and communication, technologies like to-do lists, live chat, boards, time tracking, and charts can make all the difference. Employees can also process a lot more information than they would manually. Incorporating goals and assessments into an online platform can help increase productivity and help employers make informed decisions about promotions and expansion.


Technology has revolutionized marketing. Now businesses can run highly targeted campaigns that test different strategies with immediate results. The key ingredients of today’s corporate websites and overall campaign strategies are immersive, integrated, and highly effective. Brands can connect with customers in real time and talk about pain points using powerful storytelling. Automation platforms give marketers the ability to engage buyers across a wide variety of channels. This gives them the ability to listen and react instantly to their behaviors and actions, allowing them to test products, ideas, services and different techniques. The collected data is then processed by complex algorithms to understand customer experiences and predict their actions.


Outsourcing tasks to other companies or freelancers has many advantages. This can reduce costs, increase efficiency, increase focus, save time, promote growth, and provide better access to specialized skills and resources. Technology is taking outsourcing capabilities to the next level, as employers can use databases to source better talent. They can work remotely while being part of the internal framework with the right software and the right connections. This really opens the door of opportunity for both the employer and the person they are subcontracting to.

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