Ashlea Hodgson has spent the past week reading the books at summer school – except her homework was a hike and her class was on a mountainside.

“It was a good walk,” Hodgson said of the eight-hour hike to Allstones Peak near Nordegg, Alta., though she was quite tired afterward.

Hodgson is one of more than 900 St. Albert area students enrolled in the St. Albert Public Summer School Program this month in Bellerose. The program began on July 4.

The program is one of many educational opportunities open to St. Albert students this summer. Greater St. Albert Catholic offers online high school classes. GSACRD and St. Albert Public also manage the Super School Summer School at WD Cuts, where students in grades 1-8 can carve skateboards, bake treats, or brush up on their sports and studies.

Bellerose and Paul Kane have run separate summer schools for many years, said Randy Kozak, co-director of the St. Albert Public Summer School. This year, board officials moved to a single, district-wide summer school program to save money and bring the two school communities closer together. The program will alternate between Bellerose and Paul Kane every two years, beginning with Bellerose.

Kozak said this year’s summer school includes some 51 teachers, 907 students and 12 half-day or full-day classes.

outdoor adventures

One such course is the Outdoor Adventure Program – a 10-day course that allows students to earn credits in Physical Education, Career and Life Management (CALM), and Outdoor Education . Teacher Jeff Beaton said it was the first time the program had been run in two years, as it had been suspended due to the pandemic, and the first time it would be run by district staff (the previous courses were led by HeLa Ventures).

Beaton said the course allows students to spend Mondays and Fridays indoors in Bellerose, and Tuesdays and Thursdays outdoors in locations such as Allstones Peak, where they learn camping, cooking and cooking. wilderness label.

“We meet them on day one and they camp on day two,” he said, adding that the class will paddle 20 kilometers in Lakeland Provincial Park later this month.

Hodgson, who will be entering 10th grade at Bellerose this fall, said she signed up for the class to get a head start on high school and have fun traveling, adding that she met many new people. friends thanks to this.

Interior studies

Abol Tarbine, a new 10th grader, is one of approximately 350 students enrolled in the school’s combined Phys-ed 10/CALM 20 class, a one-day course that allows students to take these required courses in only two weeks.

“I just wanted to get it over with,” he said, adding that he was excited to start the physical part of the class later this month.

Kozak said the school’s physical education classes were quite popular this year, especially among students who didn’t want to have to shower and change clothes between classes. There was also a lot of interest in courses with diploma exams, because after this summer these exams will revert to counting for 30% of a course’s grade instead of 10.

New 12th grader Julia Kasowski said she’s been taking Social 30 this summer to free up space in her schedule for other activities.

“It goes really fast,” she said of the course, as the material is compressed into three weeks.

“Definitely not a nap party.”

Summer school compresses the typical 125-hour class into 80, Kozak said.

“A day at summer school corresponds to about a week of [regular] classes,” he said, and involves up to two hours of homework a day.

“It’s not for the faint of heart.”

Classes at St. Albert Public Summer School run July 4-29. The diploma exams take place from August 2 to 10. Call 780-460-8490 for details.