5. Can’t afford to pay off your credit or store cards in full? You can’t afford not to try a balance transfer.

If you’re paying interest on card debt, quickly enter your details into our 0% Balance Transfer Eligibility Calculator to see your chances of being accepted for a deal. These cards pay off the debts on the old cards for you, so you owe the new card instead, but at 0% interest for a fixed term. Get rid of debt faster because more of your payments cover debt, not interest.

If you have a lot of options, go for the card with the lowest fees in the period you are sure you can repay. only, say, 20%.

The longest 0% comes from Santander (gives an Amazon voucher) *, which allows new accepted cardholders to transfer their debt for 31 months at 0% with a charge of 2.75% (min £ 5). If accepted, you can claim (remember) a £ 40 Amazon Voucher after 30 days. Ends 11:59 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 16

If you can pay off faster, Sainsbury’s * costs up to 21 months 0% FREE OF CHARGE, although some accepted will get fewer months. If you get a card, follow the Best balance transfer golden rules (see also APR examples) …

a) Erase the card before the end of the 0%, or they represent an APR interest of more than 20%.
b) Never miss the minimum monthly repayment or you may lose the 0%.
c) Don’t spend / withdraw money. It is usually not cheap.
d) You usually have to transfer within 60 days to get the 0%.

PS: 0% balance transfer cards are better in a freezer than a wallet. These aren’t usually cards you should spend on, so if you’re having trouble controlling yourself, bag it in a bowl of water, then place it in the freezer. That way you’ll have to break the ice to spend it – a good punctuation mark to decide if it’s worth it.