Telemarketing companies in Brazil banned for being audacious

Tuesday July 19, 2022 – 09:00 UTC

Brazil’s National Federal Consumer Secretariat ( ) has suspended 180 companies for their aggressive telemarketing practices that harass potential consumers without restriction, it was reported on Monday.

The agency, which reports to the Ministry of Justice and Public Security (MJSP), explained that the suspension was permanent.

The initiative aims to combat unsolicited calls to offer products or services. According to Senacon, most companies use data about people obtained illegally.

The ban has applied since July 18 to telemarketing companies operating at the national, state and municipal levels.

The measure was taken after more than 14,000 complaints were registered in three years in the National Consumer Protection Information System (Sindec) and via the website, explained the MJSP.

“An elderly man claimed to have received more than 3,000 telemarketing calls on the five phone numbers he had,” the ministry MJSP said in a statement.

The suspension does not apply to passive telemarketing, in which the customer calls the business, or to donation requests and calls expressly authorized by consumers.

According to the Senacon, there is evidence that the companies responsible for the unauthorized approaches have committed the crime of illegal trade in personal data.
If any of the 180 affected companies fail to comply with the decision to suspend operations, a daily fine of R$1,000 (USD 184) will be applied up to R$13 million (USD 2,390,541.40) .

The agency also said consumers will soon have a direct communication channel to report companies that continue to make abusive telemarketing calls even after the action is taken.

(Source: Brazil Agency)

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