2021 just wasn’t the year of housewives, it seems. Jen Shah, a recent addition to Utah-based distribution, has positioned herself as a “Wizard of Oz” entrepreneur specializing in data monetization. In fact, she is accused of being a key player in a major fraud scheme. For years, she and her assistant allegedly deceived hundreds of reckless victims into putting them on prospect lists which they then sold to shady telemarketing companies (via Us weekly)

A November episode of the new season saw the housewives board a party bus for a girls’ trip to Vail. Suddenly, Shah received a phone call that alerted her that a problem was on the way. With unexpected calm, she told the other women that her husband, Sharrieff, was in the hospital “with internal bleeding, so [she needed] to go. Naturally, the other women offered their sympathy and support – until the Department of Homeland Security and other law enforcement officials arrived at the scene looking for her. Busted!

Shah is now due in court in March 2022 on a conspiracy to commit telemarketing wire fraud charge and a money laundering charge. If found guilty of both, she could be sentenced to 50 years in prison (via People).