To Friday (June 10e) Walworth County Commission meeting, Commissioner Scott Schilling challenged landfill accountant Penny Goetz’s salary, saying it was too high and inappropriate.

County Auditor Deb Kahl will review meeting minutes to find out where Goetz’s salary was approved by the commission when he was hired.

Sheriff Josh Boll spoke about the jail review meetings being held at Pierre and how it is strongly recommended by lawmakers that commissioners attend these meetings or at least listen to the recordings.

Commissioner Schilling told Sheriff Boll he had received calls from the Glenham area about paved roads in the county not being patrolled for speeding. Boll thanked Schilling for the information and reminded the board that there are only two Sheriff’s Department employees currently answering all calls and they are doing their best to be everywhere.

For the highway department, the commission authorized the auditor to announce a hearing for private work on county roads if a letter of request is received by the county.

See the video of the meeting: