Whitney Rose responds to Instagram commenters criticizing her for asking Meredith about her father’s funeral, but not Jen about her court case.

Whitney Rose responds to fans who are confused about her decision not to interview her The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City co-star Jen Shah on her court case. During an episode of the show, agents from Homeland Security and the NYPD interrupted the women, who were about to leave on a trip to Vail, seeking to arrest Jen. Throughout the episode, the women learned that Jen was being investigated for money laundering and fraud. She is accused of running a telemarketing program targeting seniors and other vulnerable people living on fixed incomes. As of now, Jen maintains her innocence, but if convicted, she could face up to 30 years in federal prison.


Jen isn’t the only housewife currently embroiled in a legal issue. In Beverly Hills, Erika Jayne is caught up in her ex-husband’s court case in which he is accused of embezzling settlement money intended for the victims of a plane crash. The difference between the way the two women were treated by their casts is very apparent. Erika, who has no criminal charges attached to her name, was questioned mercilessly about her involvement, but the women of Salt Lake City barely asked Jen any questions. Fans aren’t sure why the women have been so soft on Jen, considering she actually has criminal charges against her and considering how secretively she’s discussed her career in the past.

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Whitney is now defending her decision not to interview Jen about her case. As reported by Reality Blurb, under an Instagram post criticizing her for her actions this season, Whitney attempted to explain her reasoning. The message criticized not only Whitney, but also the other women for choosing to ask Meredith about the details of her father’s funeral, rather than Jen and her criminal case. Even though Jen would most likely claim that she was innocent, they want the women to talk about it and discuss it a bit rather than accusing Meredith of lying about her father. In response, Whitney said she agreed with everything the message said, but claimed it was impossible to question Jen. According to her, Jen was unable to openly discuss the details of her case at the time and so they could not talk about it. She said that once her trial begins, they will talk about it on the show.


Fans also slammed Whitney for pushing the issue with Meredith, going so far as to ask her if she should hire a private investigator to find out when her father’s funeral was. They thought it was cheesy for her and Jen to brag about what a burn was. They point out that at the time of filming, Meredith’s father had just passed away, so constantly talking about it was probably very painful for her. Whitney claims she was very supportive of Meredith during this time and regrets the way she articulated her point of view, but claims she was only trying to help Meredith clarify things. She says she spent a lot of time with Meredith when her father passed away, but none of it aired. She also points out that it was not her who initially speculated on the timing of the funeral.

With the first part of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City reunion airing next week, fans can’t help but wonder if Andy will grill Jen like he did with Erika for the majority of the four-part Beverly Hills reunion. Fans might demand the same treatment from her.

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