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Overview of the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ class action:

  • Who: Stephen Muccio has filed a class action lawsuit against Global Motivation, Inc. and its owner, Jordan R. Belfort, a former stockbroker nicknamed the “Wolf of Wall Street.”
  • Why: Muccio claims that Global Motivation and Belfort are violating telephone consumer protection law by sending consumers unsolicited promotional text messages without first receiving express written consent.
  • Wave: The collective demand presented itself in a federal court of Florida.

Global Motivation Inc. and owner Jordan R. Belfort unlawfully contacted consumers with unsolicited promotional text messages without first receiving express written consent, according to a new class action lawsuit.

Belfort is a widely known public figure who rose to fame after the 2013 film “Wolf of Wall Street”, and the main character of the film was based on him and his life on the New York Stock Exchange.

Plaintiff Stephen Muccio alleges that Global Motivation and Belfort violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by engaging in telemarketing without complying with the “required policies, procedures and training” set out by law.

Muccio argues that the unsolicited and allegedly illegal telemarketing calls violated consumer privacy and were an annoyance and nuisance, among other things.

‘Wolf of Wall Street’ class action claims Belfort personally reviewed and approved unsolicited text messages

Muccio claims that Belfort has “personally reviewed and/or approved” the content of every unsolicited text message sent by Global Motivation.

“On the information and belief, Belfort participated directly and personally in the transmission of the text messages to plaintiff and class members,” class action lawsuit Wolf of Wall Street states.

Muccio wishes to represent a national category of consumers who have received at least two promotional text messages from Global Motivation in the past four years and a Florida subcategory of individuals who have received a promotional phone call from the company.

In addition to allegedly violating the TCPA, Muccio claims that Global Motivation and Belfort violate the Florida Telephone Solicitation Law.

Muccio seeks a jury trial and seeks injunctive and declaratory relief as well as statutory damages for himself and all class members.

Consumers have recently filed several class action lawsuits against companies including Subway, Shoe Carnival and Petland, among others, over allegations that they violated the TCPA sending consumers unsolicited commercial messages.

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Plaintiff is represented by Manuel S. Hiraldo of Hiraldo PA and Jibrael S. Hindi of Jibrael S. Hindi Law Firms.

The “The Wolf of Wall Street” Class Action is Muccio v. Global Motivation, Inc., et al.Case No. 4:21-cv-06770, in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

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